As an athlete, I really appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to commit to and be a leading member of a team or an individual competitor.. I participation in three sports; crew, squash, and sailing.
In 2021, I joined my school’s high school crew team as an eighth grader and was even elected to the high school varsity team. As the only eighth grader in this position, it was a chance for me to branch out and really mature athletically. This experience has caused me to grow into the enthusiastic rower that I am today. Over the past two years, I have rowed in many positions, but as regattas start, my more permanent positions are stroke seat or coxswain. I feel that I have taken this opportunity to grow as a leader and as a dedicated athlete.
As a squash player, I feel that I have come to understand what it means to work hard before overcoming a challenge. All success comes from dedicated ambition and stamina. I have been playing squash since 2021, and am intent on continuing in the future.
Sailing has become a big part of my summers, as a member of a small club, and because of this, I have come to grow deep connections with many friends and instructors. I have raced in a few regattas, first in Optis and then in 420 sailboats. My favorite aspect of sailing is getting to really appreciate nature, and learning to use what you have around you in order to adapt.