I also take part in Girl Scouts quite actively, and as a current ninth-grader, I have the chance to work toward earning my Gold Award, the highest Girl Scout Honor. I chose to adapt La Fuerza’s present STEM curriculum and scale it up internationally for my Gold Award proposal. In order to make this initiative accessible to everyone, wherever in the globe, I am collaborating with the Girl Scout organization and my Girl Scout leader to come up with fresh ideas. The course materials for my program are customizable and can be used online, in person, or via video conference. I’ll develop an online curriculum that can be distributed all across the world and added to my websites, YouTube channel, and Instagram. I’ve gotten to know the staff and families at both programs well over the course of both of these programs, and I’ve helped organize numerous community-building activities for them. It is very satisfying to watch them develop in all their various abilities, whether they are participating in holiday celebrations at the Quaker Meeting House, playing in the park, or watching movies. The abilities to cultivate curiosity, asking questions, and maintaining an open mind will be applicable in everything these students end up doing in the future, even if none of them choose to pursue science!


La Fuerza (Kids Charity = After School Science) ,
Cross Roads Farms (Spreading Farm Awareness),
Elija Farm (Working with Autistic = Life Skills & Jobs, Housing to be Independent & Live on Own)
La Fuerza/ Girl Scouts/ Quaker Faith