Whenever I’m stuck on a math problem or a proof, I try to approach it from a new angle. If that doesn’t work, I seek my friends or teachers for assistance in coming up with a different approach. I’m eager to continue my math studies and I want to excel in any field that is available.
In 2021, I presented my tessellations project at the Long Island Math Congress. Being able to choose my own course in the mathematics field was very exciting for me. I would love to keep learning about and investigating new topics in the future.
I’ve always liked geometry, algebra, and math because of how elegant and precise they are. It’s exciting to use math to determine why something is the way it is!

Long Island Math Fair Essay 2021 – 3 month research project

The Infinite Unit to Map and Communicate throughout the Milky Way Using Tessellation

By: Brinley G. Davis
Friends Academy
8th Grade
March 8th, 2022

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